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At AWE, we create individual training plans for each client that plays on rider/horse strengths while continuing to develop and strengthen the weaker areas of riding. Courtney teaches all ages, at all levels, competitive or not. We also have a knack for working with riders who lack confidence in their riding. Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your goals!

Training rates:

Individual 45 minute training session- $65

3x/week training package- $675

5x/week training package- $1000

Training sessions can either be used as a lesson or a training ride.

Show Coaching rates:

Dressage Show- $50 flat fee per horse/rider

Horse Trials- $100 per horse/rider combination

(includes warm up for all 3 phases and course walks)

Combined Tests- $25 per phase

Contact Courtney for clinic inquiries.

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